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Alley Cat - FREE Member

• List 5 Websites
• 10 Second Surf Timer
• Ref bonus 10Cr10Ban10Tx
• 2 Downline Levels
• 7% 1st level residual
• Surf Rewards ($, Cr, imp)
• 3:1 Ratio (Dynamic Surf)
• Email ref every 7 days
• 10% Comm on upgrades
• 10% Comm on purchases
• Residual Income

House Cat - $9.99/month

• 400 Cr/Ban/Tx per Mo.
• List 15 Websites
• 8 Second Timer
• Ref B 20Cr25Ban25Tx
• 3 Downline Levels
• 11% 1st level residual
• Surf Rewards ($, Cr, imp)
• 3:2 Ratio (Dynamic Surf)
• Email every 3 days
• 25% Comm on upgrades
• 15% Comm on purchases
• Residual Income
• Dynamic Upgrades

Fat Cat - $14.99/mo

• 600 Cr/Ban/Tx per Mo.
• List 25 Websites
• 6 Second Timer
• Ref B 50Cr50Ban50Tx
• 5 Downline Levels
• 13% 1st level residual
• Surf Rewards ($, Cr, imp)
• 1:1 Ratio (Dynamic Surf)
• Email every day
• 35% Comm on upgrades
• 25% Comm on purchases
• Residual Income
• Dynamic Upgrades


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"Here's A Quick And Easy Way To Create Effective Traffic That Converts And... Finally Become The Fat Cat You've Always Wanted!

From John Smiley (Big Jack):

How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying: "I Wish I Knew How To Create Effective Traffic that converts into paying customers and Get myself out of this Alley and into that Ritz!" Well, guess what? That's exactly what we can do for you!

ProFatCat is that service you've been looking for... it not only is the most exciting and soon to be most active Manual Traffic Exchange on the Internet today... it also attracts the most Fat Cats (wanting to see your sites) on the Planet!

John Smiley is proud to present ProFatCat, the combination of years of experience Catering to Fat Cats all over the world, extensive off and online marketing, and Fast Traffic rolled up into one powerful program!

ProFatCat is more than just another pro advertising network (that turned free to join), you will be advertising your websites to the Ritziest Fat Cats online.

You see... for the first 5 years ALL the members of ProFatCat have qualified themselves by paying for a membership, so you KNOW that they're serious about their business and more than WILLING to spend money online.

And that's exactly who you want to be your customers!

The potential for getting yourself out of the Alley and feasting on fast traffic is huge here. Keep in mind... ProFatCat is owned by a dedicated professional with a desire to improve your convertion rates one viewer at a time!

Fact is... This program will not only improve your results, it will help you grow your business one click at a time as well. John, is just the guy to take you from being an Alley Cat to a House Cat all the way up to a Fat Cat.

Get ready to take your advertising out of the alley and move up to where the Fat Cats play... you'll see, it's just what your online business has been waiting for!

ProFatCat Benefits

You already know we have thousands of the most active pro marketers online... those highly motivated individuals who are not only interested in promoting their own business, but are just as serious about seeing what other Fat Cats have to offer as well.

With ProFatCat, you will be advertising to hundreds of paying customers and thousands of new members!

Want even MORE benefits? Here's a quick checklist of what ProFatCat has to offer:

We've got 25 members lined up to view your website as a bonus when you join today!
We've developed a system that will leverage your promotional efforts by sending you 5% - 15% of the traffic earned by every Fat Cat member you send us!
Got more money than time? We put together unbelievably affordable membership options just for you... that will maximize your time spent earning page views by our top Fat Cats.
If this wasn't enough... we've put together a list of the best traffic programs online you'll be pleased to offer your High Rolling Friends!
Instead of forcing you to look at the same website for hours on end... we developed our system so that you can earn more is less time. We provide a short 6-10 second (tested for best resutls) timer.
We want to put money in your pocket right now... and continue to do so for years to come. So, gather your FatCat Friends today and let's Feast on your success.
We reward our active members with goodies and free catnip on the house. In other words, the more web pages you view... the more quality views you recieve Plus every 25 sites your surf your dynamic surf rate will increase!
Our system will take your marketing to the next level by offering you three unique advertising mediums that get the job done.
To sum is all up... Cash, credits and Fat Cats (referrals)... must we say more?

What it boils down to is this: The fact that close to 1500 members have paid to be a member of ProFatCat means they're automatically qualified as a serious marketer. In other words, they're not just here to play in the catnip.

You can count on the fact that these Fat Cats are dedicated to professionally promoting their business. Plus, the people you refer will always be striving for the Fat Cat Life Style! This means they'll be generating long-term residual traffic for your website (and income for your business)!

Don't waste another minute Hanging out in the Alley...Take The Fat Cat Challenge and Feast On Fast Traffic Like The Fat Cats Do!

We offer 5 advertising methods that make up the FatCat Advertising Success Model.

1. Page Views (you need visitors before you receive sales)
2. Text links (this tool can convert browsers into buyers quickly)
3. Banners (we've all seen them before and they still work well today)
4. Email Marketing (once you refer members you can email them)
5. IMloop (for Chat and Socializing)

If this sounds good to you (and it really is), we’d be happy to give you a free ProFatCat membership so you can see for yourself how unreal (exceptional) this traffic really is!

Join For Free Today by CLICKING HERE!

I urge you to take action today... Join ProFatCat for free...and see for yourself the dramatic increases in traffic and results we can bring you!

John Smiley
Big Jack

P.S. Not quite ready to join? Click on the FAQ link and get the scoop!

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